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In addition to many other authentic news portals, Menedzsment Fórum ( published the following article to report about Marina Bay Residence 2.

“Marina Bay built at the Danube Beach promises real luxury. Let’s see what it will look like.”

Autóker Holding Plc. started to sell the newest batch of 40 exclusive apartments at the Danube Beach. Thus, a new phase of the bayside project tailored to meet the demand of the premium segment, i.e. Marina Bay Residence 2, will soon be implemented.

As to meeting the increasing demand for high-end apartments, Autóker Holding had, last summer, started the implementation of the first 48-apartment phase of Marina Bay. Most of the apartments, built with an unobstructed panoramic view on the bayside estate and provided with large terraces looking to the southwest, the Danube and the Buda Hills have already been sold and the owners can move very soon into the few remaining ones also endowed with extraordinary features.

During the “Apartment 2017 Exhibition and Fair” organized by Portfolio, the prize of the “Pest-side dwelling project of the Year” has been awarded to Marina Bay Residence in the category of condominiums having not more than 110 apartments.

Unceasing demand is experienced among both Hungarian and foreign buyers for apartments built to offer exquisite luxury. Therefore, Autóker Holding commenced selling the 40 exclusive apartments that belong to the most recent phase of the Marina Beach project, i.e. Marina Bay Residence 2. Construction of the new building will be started in Q1 of 2018 and the first residents can move into their new homes created as products of the alliance between future and quality, as soon as the summer of 2019.



“The exclusive apartments tailored to meet the expectations of the premium segment are deemed an authentic choice made by people committed to uncompromised luxury. The building with a neo-modern look created through the co-operation of a team of architects of Promega Építész Iroda and S.I.A.H. Architects will be erected to provide the utmost comfort expected by the owners, by installing individually adjustable and programmable floor heating enhanced with the smarthome function, air conditioning and aluminum doors and windows of excellent quality, provided with large glass panes, lifting & pushing function and ensuring unobstructed approach as to allow comfortable passage between the outdoor and indoor spaces. The new homes built using premium-quality materials and carefully designed to meet the ergonomic requirements, offer uniquely shaped, impressive, more than 3-meter high inner space. The aspects of environment awareness are satisfied by heating and cooling systems based on the utilization of renewable energy. Furthermore, devices for recharging the batteries of electric cars will be installed in the two-floor guarded and temperature-controlled parking facility provided also with bicycle storage racks. Uncompromised safety of the dwellers will be guaranteed by the central camera system and the 24/7 security service, on every day of the week”, said Balázs Szigeti Csúcs, CEO of Autóker Holding, highlighting the key features of this unique real estate development,.

“We experience unceasingly strong demand for the new apartments, sought by investors and people seeking their new homes. Despite the dynamic growth in supply, the buyers still face difficulties if they intend to buy apartments which satisfy the most exquisite technical requirements, promise high return on investment or powerful value increase, particularly if they look for a reliable expert in housing development. Considering the current market environment, it is particularly important that the buyers contact a project company pursuing diversified activities, having strong financial background and looking back to several successfully completed projects which can be presented as reference work. Furthermore, such companies must be able to make authentic promises in respect to the implementation and quality guarantees. The multiple prize winner Autóker Holding has more than 15 years of experience in real estate development and the quality and the stability or progressive growth of its projects’ value is witnessed by several thousands of satisfied customers”, Mr. Balázs SZIGETI Csúcs, the senior manager responsible for controlling the Holding added in reference to the commencement of the new phase.